Taylor Koulouris Foundation

The Foundation honors the life of Taylor, who had the ability to spread sunflowers and sunshine to children of all ages and developmental stages in the Tampa Bay area. We intend to carry on her ability of showing kindness, doing good, and giving back by cultivating opportunities for kids to inspire one another to grow big and stand tall together.

Show Kindness

Do Good

Give Back

Who was Taylor?

It's hard to put into words who Taylor was. It's something you had to have experienced, something that you just had to know in your heart. But even if you didn’t know her when she was here with us in this life, it's still something that you can come to know and feel in your heart now that she's in heaven.

Taylor was a person you wanted in your life, someone that would show you kindness in the worst moments. A person that could take a horrible situation and find the one percent of good for you.

There is not one person you will cross paths with that will tell you anything different about Taylor and who she was. 

The Taylor Koulouris Foundation Mission



Through acts of kindness, Taylor showed others how to spread love and peace throughout Tampa Bay, especially to those in need either because of developmental challenges or spiritual needs.



The Foundation wants to teach others, especially kids, to learn from a young age how they can do good things for others in need.



Through donating your time and/or your financial resources, the Foundation will help support not-for-profit charities in Tampa that were important to Taylor.  It will also support graduation high school seniors through college scholarships.


The Life and Love of Taylor

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Kids Giving Back to Kids

Taylor was a friend that saw the good in you, a friend that would stop all she had going on to show up for you, bring you coffee, and was never afraid to try and plan something meaningful even if she was going to fail.  She was a teammate, a cheerleader and never the one to sit down in the dugout.  She would show up just to be a part of you having a better day.  Never wanting or expecting anything in return.   The Taylor Koulouris Foundation aims to empower children to show kindness to all, do good within their community, and give back to others.  By supporting some of Taylor's favorite charities and missions, including funding scholarships for graduating high school senior entering college, her family will keep her memories alive.


How to Support TKF

A Wee Macree shirt celebrates the individuality of the child who wears it and offers visual recognition of the impact of their actions. It also heightens awareness for the child who ultimately benefits from its use.


Proceeds of this shirt benefit the Taylor Koulouris Foundation.



She was the best sissy that existed.  She loved the littles as her own, and now in her absence we realize she gave them something that we as parents and adults cannot.  She saw something in little kids that we are blinded to.  She had the ability to see through the fog and give them a smile, encouragement, comfort and sympathy.

So many people ask what they can do for us, how can they make this horrible tragedy better…

Simply put, smile for her, say her name, carry on her ability to be kind, do good and give back.


Taylor left her mark in this world in her 15 short years. To say she is missed is the most drastic understatement imaginable.

The only thing to do is to carry on her memory, her legacy, and to strive everyday to be the best version of ourselves like she did did everyday.  We not only have to play for Tay, but we need live like Tay!

Thank you all for loving her, loving us, and for knowing in your heart who Taylor truly was.

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